Below you can find a list of all the current members of the Hannon lab at the CRUK-CI. Click on their names to find out more about their interests and projects.

For a list of former members, please go to Alumni


Hannon lab (2015) Cambridge, UK


Greg Hannon

Group Leader



Dario_mod Ben Ilaria_2 Clare
Dario Bressan
Research Associate
Benjamin Czech
Senior Research Associate
Ilaria Falciatori
Research Associate
Clare Rebbeck
Senior Research Associate


Giorgia Joaquina Nic_1 Eugene2
Giorgia Battistoni
PhD Student
M Joaquina Delas
PhD Student
 Nicolas Erard
PhD Student
Eugene Seah
PhD Student


Lab_2_mod JX

 Nikki Coutts
Lab Manager/Greg’s PA

               Evelyn Eastwood                
Research Assistant
Jian Xian
Principal Scientific Associate

 Martin Fabry
PhD Student


Ashley Nicholls CristinaJauset

Bruno F.M. de Albuquerque
Research Associate, Innovation Lab

Ashley Nicholls
Research Associate

Cristina Jauset
MPhil Student, Innovation Lab

Benjamin Jackson
MPhil Student


MarziaMunafo emma-crop

Marzia Munafò
PhD Student

Emma Kneuss
PhD Student
Filippo Ciabrelli
Research Associate


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