Former Postdocs Current Position
Simon Knott Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Cedars-Sinai
Nikolay Rozhkov Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Elena Rozhkova Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Yang Yu Principal Investigator,Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Leah Sabin Scientist, Regeneron
Camila Dos Santos Assistant Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Astrid Haase Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator, National Institutes of Health
Emily Hodges Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Vanderbilt University
Vasily Vagin Senior Scientist, Intellia Therapeutics
Jonathan Preall Research Assistant Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Ted Karginov Assistant Professor, UC Riverside
Andres Canela Research Fellow, Center for Cancer Research, NCI
Sung Wook Chi Assistant Professor, Korea University
Adam Rosebrock Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Katalin Fejes-Tóth Principal Investigator, California Institute of Technology
Alexei Aravin Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology
Julius Brennecke Senior Investigator, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria
Lin He Associate Professor, UC Berkeley
Yijun Qi Professor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University, China
Michael Golding Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, TX
Fabiola Rivas Editor, Trends in Immunology at Cell Press
Jidong Liu Assistant Member, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Jian Du Principal Research Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company
Jose Silva Senior Faculty, Mount Sinai Hospital


Former Students Current Position
Xin Zhou Postdoctoral Fellow, Karolinska Institutet
Kaja Wasik Co-founder and CSO at Gencove
Elvin Wagenblast Postdoctoral Fellow, University Health Network (UHN)
Wee Siong Sho Goh Research Fellow, A*STAR Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Felix Muerdter Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology
Paloma Guzzardo Tamargo Associate Manager at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Antoine Molaro Postdoctoral Fellow,  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Marek Kudla Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
Frederick Rollins L.E.K. Consulting
Colin Malone Co-Founder & Head of Biology at VNV NewCo
Sihem Cheloufi Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, UC Riverside
Ikuko Hotta Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University
Oliver Tam Sequencing Analyst, ARUP Laboratories
Yaniv Erlich Assistant Professor, Columbia University and New York Genome Center
Ingrid Ibarra Assistant Director, Stanford Cardiovascular Institute
Xingyue He Scientist, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA
Monica Dus Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Despina Siolas Medical Oncology Fellow, New York University
Elizabeth Murchison Reader, University of Cambridge
Ahmet Denli Postdoctoral Fellow, The Salk Institute
Yvette Seger Director of Science Policy, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
Michelle Carmell Postdoctoral Fellow, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Patrick J. Paddison Principal Investigator, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Emily Bernstein Associate Professor, Mount Sinai Hospital, NY
Amy A. Caudy Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
M. Joaquina Delas Postdoctoral Fellow, The Francis Crick Institute
Nicolas Erard Senior Associate, Boston Consulting Group


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